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July 13, 2013


Richard Bergerson

I love your attitude. If I have something that doesn't work or doesn't work rightfully, I may as well tear it apart and see if I can fix it. If I destroy it, no harm done, it was already garbage. (Absolutely HATE fragile plastic parts.) I just wish we could do the same with our government that isn't working.


The drawings in that manual aren't real clear, so I'll just give a general advisory. Ventilate as much of the unit as possible. In other words, swiss cheese it. With my little boxy 12v emergency compressor, I've pumped up the tank on a 2hp compressor (I let the smoke out somehow, and hadn't found a replacement then) in one run. The housing looks like Cheney mistook it for a lawyer.
I like your idea of forced air cooling it, but getting air moving through taht electric motor would be a big plus. Two fans? I'm thinking some of those little flat muffin type fans that are used on some electronic boards in computers might be ok. Some of them are 12v. Might find a selection at electronic swap meets and recycle stores.

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