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July 23, 2013



Will, the difference was obvious. I ran the same vid with the "browser" choice on my Droid tablet, then the "You Tube" choice. With the "browser choice, the vid took over a minute to buffer, then had stoppages for re-buffering every ten or fifteen seconds. With the "You Tube" choice for running the vid, the window opened in less than a second, and ran smoothly until it's end.

I did a Speedtest.net test, and had 18 mbps download on my Comcast ISP at the time, plenty to stream HD video.


Why would utube send out multiple variations of feed? I would think they would only have one output. Downstream, possibly multiple servers hither and yon, you have your ISP, followed by your distribution speed (ISP selected), your modem/router, the appliance(PC, tablet, etc), the OS, browser, along with various apps, plugins, filters or other modifiers of various sorts.
(I've probably overlooked a few items. I'm not an expert by any means!)

Any, or all, can impact a video, I suspect.

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