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July 24, 2013



A hog is the closest thing to dangerous game that most of the domestic hunters will ever encounter. When you've got one cornered and he decides to come out of his corner, somebody is going to get whacked. The attack is generally fast, short, and brutish.

Gerry N.

I must have a cast iron stomach, wounds like that just don't upset me (unless they're mine) even before the are debrided and closed. You ever see a hand that lost an argument with a 16" jointer"? Messier than those by far, and I had to help the guy to the ER and fill out paperwork for him. I even signed his "X" on the dotted line. I'm so glad I'll not likely ever need to do that again, and even gladder that in thirty five years in a boat shop I never got caught poking good natured fun at a buzz saw. The whine when you turn 'em on is a dead sure giveaway that they have no good intentions.

Gerry N.

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