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July 31, 2013


Ben C

There are 3 things driving up bacon costs right now:

First, demand is very high. Bacon is "cool" right now, as well as being delicious all the time.

Second, feed prices are rather high due to poor crop farming conditions last year.

Lastly, about a year ago (or so) total input costs were high enough, and selling price low enough, that some farmers did not make money. Many of those that lost out then saw the poor crops in the fields and anticipated high feed prices coming to compound already high input costs and elected not to raise another batch of piggies after their current batch went in for slaughter.

Demand is up, supply is a little down. Price goes up to compensate.

Somewhat related: there is a virus that is going around with a infant piglet mortality rate generally greater than 90%. This will have an impact as soon as the end of this year as it is difficult to cover the production of a 300 hog herd with 30 animals.

Gerry Nygaard

Albertson's nearby has a special on bacon every few weeks. It's been $2.85/# or less in sealed 5# packs. About halfway between thin and thick sliced and quite a bit longer than the meatcase packed bacon. I just cut it in half, vacuum pack and freeze it in 1# envelopes. Apple smoked and not overly salted with about a 50/50 ratio of meat to fat. Very good stuff, I have a 60# hoard in the downstairs freezer and add to it whenever the opportunity occurs. I also stocked up on fully cooked picnic hams just after Easter. $0.80/#, There are five of them still in the freezer. Smoked ham hocks are nearly give-away priced at a local specialty butcher shop. Their lunch meats, and sausages are to die for. A man could happily sacrifice the remainder of his life eating the meats from that blessed place. It takes a great deal of "won't" power to leave there without a huge sack of salty, spicy cholesterol. My favorites are the "regular" and "spicy" langjaegers. One of the few meat products I know of with a half life rather than a shelf life. Split one lengthwise, cut it into half inch bits and add to a Lipton's Alfredo noodle side dish when camping. Food for the Gods requiring less than ten minutes to cook. Wash it down with a bottle of Porter or Stout cooled in a nearby glacial brook. Pretty much Heaven on Earth.

Gerry Nygaard

Light & Dark

Great idea! I love some bits of bacon with my pierogies & onions, but the price of the bacon has just gotten stupid. Since we're already used to back bacon up here, won't be too big a stretch. Bet it would be good in a bacon and tomato sandwich too.


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