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August 28, 2013



I think the Speer #8 was the last manual they published before acquiring more modern electronic chamber pressure equipment.

I call it the "Speer Manual of Proof Loads" ;-)

Check out page 367 for .38 Special loads that come close (if not equal) to .357 Mag. pressures. I've loaded the SR4756 recipe in my .357 and can't tell the difference in recoil between those .38 Special loads and regular .357 factory loads.

I use all of the pressure check methods when developing a new load, but I've found the rim expansion rule the most reliable. [Rule: Measure rim before and after shot. If expansion of rim is .001 or more, back off 6% and call that maximum.]

First deer I ever killed was taken with a Model 99 in .300 Savage left to me by my grandfather. Great gun.

Gerry Nygaard

My loading data comes from the 1964 edition #6 Speer Reloading handbook. I look at newer books from time to time, but have always relied on my good old #6 Speer. The new(er) books seem to be mostly CYA, and are inexplicably expensive to boot. So, at my age, and still in possesion of all my fingers, hands, eyes, etc. in spite of relying on data from 1964, I'll stay with the data in the #6 Speer handbook.

Anyone else's mileage may, of course, differ.

I don't have any really modern .308 Win. chambered rifles, just a Ruger #1 and a Chilean M12/61, Both are fine rifles, the Chilean cost less than $75.00 and has a perfect bore. The barrel is a modified 2-Groove Remington M03-A3 barrel the Chilean Gov't. bought from the US army for 80 cents each in the early sixties then rechambered and reconfigured to go into about 10,000 M1912 Steyr made Made Mausers that were shortened to "Short rifle" length having a 23" barrel instead of the old 29 1/3" one in 7x57mm.

A bargain, no? And I have a $75.00 rifle rugged enough to last another 150 or 200 years and is as accurate as I can hold it. A few years back there was an imported lot of several million rounds of Indian .308 ball ammo that got some very detrimental write ups. Due to that I was given 1500 rounds of it. It is some of the most accurate 7.62x51mm ammo I have ever shot, boxer primed to boot. It is good in my Ruger #1 as well. Seems like the mil-spec stuff is loaded down compared to civilian sporting ammo. I've shot up about 500 rds. without a hitch. No way of knowing if it would work well in a semi-auto.

Gerry N.

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