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August 02, 2013



Thanks for the tip! Where can I learn (reliably, not internet wisdom) about the differing advantages & capabilities of each?

Ben C

Back when I was on a snow plowing crew in the winter in MI, we used some FRS radios for on-site communication since we worked on several large commercial sites. The privacy codes on those radios worked such that if you were on channel 8 and code 2 you would not hear anybody else on 8 unless they were also using code 2. If you set the handset to channel 8 WITHOUT any privacy code selected, you would get ALL the channel 8 stuff from every privacy code and the privacy code was a 3 tone digital sound played when you hit transmit. The "privacy code" worked on the receive end to filter out other senders, not the sender end to block other listeners. Not secure at all, just handy for the users to filter out other folks.

Not sure if it was just that brand of radio, but every one we had did the same thing.

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