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September 05, 2013



Oh, you mean the golf reference, and its use in that movie to characterize the idiot commander who worked for The Enemy. That's a shame, it's a most excellent piece of music which I was happy to play when a kid.

Among Alford marches, I recommend "The Standard of Saint George." I could march on the District of Columbia playing that, to slay some dragons. I think I'll cue that one up right now. The times are too serious for light-hearted stuff by Sousa. (except for Semper Fidelis, of course, which is quite serious)


I was referring to the "Bridge on the River Kwai" reference.


Naaah...the Colonel Bogey March is more appropriate.


I have just now gone and cued up "Barnum and Bailey's Favorite" on the CD player. Somehow, a circus march seems to be the most appropriate music to accompany this silliness.


P.s. I mean, it's like the story about the cat and the hot stove. I might be a slow learner, and have to be burned twice to get the lesson, but I ain't jumping up there a third time.


I completely and utterly concur with your sentiments expressed there Sir, and wish you had expressed them a bit more forcefully. Heh.

My impression of the consensus of the grumpy old vets I know, both on the 'net and IRL, is that their opinion on further sillier adventures over there is somewhere between "Hell, No!" and "Fuck, No!".

Somebody did a poll of both "leading conservative bloggers" and Tea Party supporters and their answers too were 80-90% Hell No and Fuck, No.

The .gov has exhausted every bit of my credulity. Fool me once, even twice (slightly Autie here), shame on you. Fool me thrice, well, Fuck, No! and Fuck You!

Sorry about the harsh language, Sir, but it's after 2100 here, I've been drinking, and children are presumably in bed.

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