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September 23, 2013


Gerry Nygaard

I've commented before on the Somali infestation in the house behind me. On 9-11 they were hooting and hollering and having a party celebrating the towers falling. I put my sidearm on, walked around and knocked on the front door. The "man" of the house answered. I told him that they had better knock it off immediately or I and several other neighbors were going to come in shooting. By the time I got back home, roughly three minutes, all was silent. They struck their tents and left before the end of the week. That's when I learned that muzzies are brave as all hell as long as they aren't looking into the face of someone angry enough to eliminate the lot of 'em with no more compuction that if they were rabid rats. I have no idea where they went and I don't care. One can hope they drained back into to the festering cess pit they oozed out of in the first place.

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