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September 04, 2013


Richard Bergerson

Re: WTF One: I daresay that it is all about the money, but you knew that long ago. If Mr. Gore was REALLY concerned about carbon emissions, he would have lowered his personal carbon footprint, but he hasn't. It's just about the money.
We used to provide products or services in order to make money. And we still do, to a lesser extent. Now the primary "make big money" idea from the big money boys is to be smarter, more cunning and better "connected" than everyone else. Use the uneducated or unthinking public to provide political pressure (well, plus bribes - I mean contributions, of course) to emasculate labor's power and to shrink the power of government of the people to police.
Attacks on the second amendment? - big money wants us to be helpless sheepeople, blinding following a government corrupted by the super-rich. Immigration? - law of supply and demand, the more labor available, the cheaper the wages, the more profit to the rich. Selling carbon emission credits, just another way to make (actually transfer) money.
Tell me about programs to help people, make them self-sufficient and better off. Well, one can get college loans - and be in debt the rest of their and their childrens' lives. Or: no degree, no job - even if the job doesn't need a degree. Oh heck, home ownership is an American dream. So they made home loans to people that couldn't afford loans and - even worse - didn't even have the background and knowledge to take proper care of them. Bubble? - which hurts everyone who thought "Gee, I'm richer than I thought, maybe I'll tap that equity to provide for a better life.
On and on. There is a conspiracy, or at least a competition, among the rich to make more and more, damn the consequences and damn the working folks.

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