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October 10, 2013


Richard Bergerson

I totally agree with your assessment, but with one minor (significant to me) addition - not a correction!
The "right" is somewhat correctly perceived as the party of business, big business, free enterprise, and less government control. That plays well in collecting big money.

The "left", charitable souls all, are somewhat correctly perceived as the party who advocate taxing the rich in order to give away benefits to the 'poor", who can't or won't work for said benefits. And they whore themselves in that way to collect votes from the poor, who outnumber the rich. Come on! Ten votes from the poor outweigh one vote from the rich, although their political financial contributions don't.

But it is all a con game, on both sides. The right doesn't mind handouts, as long as they go to the rich (who supposedly create all jobs, even when they invest elsewhere, or just hoard their money in various ways). But the left doesn't care about the poor, they just want their votes. Both sides want POWER: money, votes or both. Both sides want to become the powerful elite. The ultimate goal is to allow unbridled immigration so that wages decrease. Everyone (well, most of us) becomes a serf. Remember those days? The serfs couldn't hunt deer or pheasants in the lord's forests. The serfs grew potatoes (or whatever) and ate half of them, after giving half of their production to the lords. Now that tax was in payment for "protection" - even though, push come to shove, the serfs could be required to fight an outside well-armed force with their shovels and pitchforks.

The gap between the rich and the poor keeps increasing, and most of us are, or are becoming, powerless dependent serfs. Best not let the serfs have guns.


Well, as the public SLOWLY wises up, I finally feel some hope.


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