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October 14, 2013



The other effective way to nix 0zero care, is simply for me and about 100 million other Americans to just say "fuckit", and not lift a finger to comply or pay a fine.

That'd crash the system in under 120 days.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Richard Bergerson

A most interesting and potentially valid suggestion, one that I haven't seen elsewhere. I like it enough to possibly drop my wholesale opposition to ObummerCare and semi-endorse this version of it.

ObummerCare has been a pig in the poke since day one (pass reams of paper to find out what is in the law). It has been labeled "healthcare reform" when it doesn't actually "reform" health care but rather "changes" healthcare insurance (and makes it mandatory). One has to hope that doctors will actually get effectively politically engaged before they become mere "public servants" limited by all-powerful government.


I sure hope the left will listen to the doctors, but somehow I doubt it.

"my mind is made up - don't try to confuse me with facts" comes to mind.


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