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November 07, 2013


Gerry N.

Start over. That'll work. Eezakly what makes anyone think that a person with at least the intellect of a banana slug would now trust the Government, any government about anything? Right about now if an agent of any government, local, county, state, or federal came up onto my front porch, he or she is going to be talking to an armed, pissed off geezer with little to lose. Think "Dangerous Victim". Said armed geezer is going to sat very few words, those along the lines of "Get the F*ck off my lawn!" Followed by Armed Geezer shouldering and simultaeously putting the safety of his M1 Carbine off, readying it for immediate use.

FYI I used all my .30 M1 Carbine FMJ rounds for plinking and practice, I now have a buttload of soft nose jacketed and HP cast loads. Up close, 50 to 75 yards or so, they are devastating upon impact. I've never been in the Service, but my insan......favorite Uncle was a Marine DI for most of WWII, he taught me what the rear sight is for and to put three in center mass, then one in the brainpan just to be sure. I am not signatory to any convention requiring me to fight nice.

I fear, truly fear that the Democr......Rat Bastard Commie Party and the Repub......Rat Bastard Commie Party Lite are going to keep it up until they get the Second Revolution they seem to want. I guess we'll be finding out what percentage of actiive military personnell will shoot at civilians, and what percentage of LEOs consider themselves to be an occupying force instead of peace officers.

The aftermath could be "interesting".

Gerry N.

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