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November 24, 2013


Richard Bergerson

Lordy! What an excellent, well-thought-out and far-sighted idea! I expect many comments on it. Addressing some of them to date: Merle; I respect your greatest fear (and agree with it) BECAUSE we have morphed into a nanny state where too many (47.x % ?) don't pull their own weight and will resist until the bitter end losing their unearned benefits. Jim - the chronic non-producers will be granted a subsistence level existence. We won't have them starve, nor freeze (nor die of heat exhaustion), but they are entitled to no more than subsistence and education/training to be productive. In that I may be slightly over the poverty level, I find it outrageous that a person can work 40 hours a week and not be better off ultimately than someone who does not work. Some folks may not actually contribute that much, but if they are trying and actually producing, they deserve more than the mere subsistence level - the absolute minimum that we grant those who will not work.
Gerry - I understand and share your frustration with government workers/public service. But are you talking about politicians and bureaucrats - or law enforcement, sewer workers, librarians and the like? My personal view is that public service can and ought to be a cost-effective way of providing needed public services - but that ought to always be the potential threat of privatization in order to keep all public service workers from getting too fat, too overpaid and too lazy. Competition causes the cream to rise to the top, and allows the dregs to sink.


My fixes would include going back to the original. 1) Property owners get to vote. Ya gotta have skin in the game. 2) Senators elected by the state. Letting the people vote for Senators was a horrible idea. It still is. I'd increase the term of the Presidency to six (6) years, limited to one term per lifetime. The last fix I'd make is to limit the term of elected service to two terms per lifetime. Let's say that you served one term in the local School Board, and one term in the state legislature. You're done. Go home and have a nice life. That would put the Kibosh on career politicians.

Gerry N.

My first law would state that if you didn't earn your living directly in the private sector, you would not be allowed to vote. Second part: Voting illegaly or assisting an illegal voter would be a capital offense. (That alone should decrease the democ RAT-Bastige Commie ranks by 1/2.


Question is, whaddya do with the chronic non producers? The ones the Poor House can't fix.

I really don't have any quick and easy ideas on the topic. Just thought I'd put it out there to kick around.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX


My greatest fear is that there are not enough people that give a damn how this country goes.


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