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December 18, 2013


Richard Bergerson

I respect and agree with every single word you wrote; although I would suggest that in addition to our guns, the other thing required to derail the Socialist Dream is an informed and intelligent electorate - and too many people would rather accept a handout of one variety or another than work and think.
As a sop to liberals I would suggest that Socialism and communism (with a small "C") are actually excellent ideas - with only one flaw, a super major flaw. Specifically, communism may work fairly well in a monastery or nunnery (although they too will inevitably have internal strife). The "flaw" is that people are not perfect. The idea of "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need" sounds so holy and righteous. But it don't work because we are human. Neither I, nor anyone else, wants to work like a rented mule to achieve no more than someone not working (although that does seem to be the Democratic party line). If working "us" get no more than non-working "them", there is no reason for us to work. And we can't all be on welfare, someone has to work and produce goods and services.
And then, as you state, the "leaders" of a socialistic or communistic state only hold their views about others, not themselves. We see it everywhere, the former Soviet Union, well- everywhere, including our own Congress. The "leaders" are special, kings deserving more than the peons, since they are "the" leaders.
The damn idea is "nice", but super idealistic and fatally flawed because we haven't been, aren't now, never will be "perfect". In short, it don't work and only exploits the workers without adequate compensation. The "S" or "c" idea sux.

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