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December 19, 2013


Richard Bergerson

Thank you for your military service. I also served (1966-69), but have a bit of survivor's guilt since I was a Remington Raider(clerk)and never saw combat. The "guilt" is not overwhelming since it was the luck of the draw or assignment, and I had no effect on that. But still, I was luckier than I had any right to be when so many more endured so much more.
And thank you for your choice of a law enforcement career. I'm not really sure how well I would handle the stress of making a routine stop to notify someone that their license plate light was out, when it might be some low-life scumbag that might want to "off" me for stopping him.
By my standards you deserve every penny earned from your pensions and SS; just as I deserve about half as much from my pension and SS.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel workers got sold a bogus program with 401Ks. Originally they were designed for management, to give management a better retirement. Then companies saw where that really saved on pension costs; making a one-time contribution rather than incurring forever-until-death reoccurring pension costs. So they switched everyone over to save money - reasonable.
But now if you (or we) have a pension, the folks with only a 401K (or nothing) claim that we are greedy parasites. Excuse me, we didn't set up the rules or have any effect on them. All we did was work within the rules (probably for less than elsewhere) and trust that promises made would be promises kept. That used to be the program.
Now you are PERS, right? If so, your annual COLA has been capped at 2% for a number of years. And you had a "COLA bank", to account for when the real COLA exceeded 2% but you only got 2%. That "bank" represented your deserved, but unpaid, falling behind real inflation.
Well, that's been wiped off the books, erased. And the COLA further limited even lower, so the older you get, the poorer you get.
Wifey and I have a mini-herd of cats that we take care of, plus water and feed some strays in cold-arse ND (heated water bowls). Sometimes it appears that the corporate and Democratic goal is that instead of our feeding our cats, they want to make us so poor that we feed ON our cats.

Dave Clare

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, a deal is a deal. You should be entitled to whatever you were promised. Failure to abide by a contract is bad - isn't there a clause in the constitution about the sanctity of contracts?

On the other hand, somewhere it says "Put not your faith in princes,...", and anybody who trusts the government to not break their promises is just naive. Constitutionally, no past legislature can tie the hands of the current or future legislature - otherwise the legislature would eventually have no decision power at all. If they decide not to pay you at all, they are within their rights, even if it is morally bankrupt. And when did any government ever give a damn about ethical behavior?

In short, my advice is to diversify - don't get all your retirement money from governments. Maybe this advice is useless to you, but it may help somebody, and face it - you probably were going to ignore my advice anyway.

Ragin' Dave

You want to get even more upset?

Jeff Sessions from Alabama co-sponsored an amendment to the budget bill that would have kept the military pensions safe by closing the loophole that allows illegal aliens to scam the government for BILLIONS of dollars of illegal Child Tax Credits. They figured to save at least $4 billion and change by closing that loophole and putting that money into the military retirements.

The Democrats voted against the Amendment. Defeated it, and then passed the budget.

Which means that the Democrat party really does care more about paying off illegal aliens than they care about the US military.

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