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January 02, 2014



I think another plus for this design is the closer relationship between the bore and trigger finger (because the recoil spring does not take up additional space) that not only directs recoil
better, but, also, aiming is more like just pointing your finger.


OK, thanks for the reminder about the operating system. I was too focused on looks. That got me in trouble before, you'd think I'd learn :)



You don't have to convince me, old friend. But, it looks like you've convinced yourself. Two thoughts. 1) Without pictures, it didn't happen and 2) we'll expect a review after you've run it.

Ragin' Dave

My question is how much recoil am I going to feel from that design? If it doesn't break my fingers, it'll be a winner for me.

I've got big square hands. Trying to hold on to a little gun while firing tends to do bad things to my pinky. I couldn't shoot a Kel-Tec for the life of me, and I've tried multiple times.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Gunblast YouTube I saw showed two amazing things: the gun, when shot very rapidly, shows almost no muzzle flip at all, way less than a Glock 19. It also shows no apparent recoil. I attribute this to the delayed-unlocking design. This is an all-steel gun, @ 20oz weight. A lighter version COULD be made using alloys and/or plastics, and with the lack of recoil effects, I predict it will be. I could even see a gunmaker like SigArms paying Remington huge license fees for the design to build different calibers/weights of pistols on this design. After all, no one cares what the price point is on Sigs, right?


From my quick perusal of the specs, it looks like it's smaller than the Model 37 I carry in my pocket every day. However, a review of the Remington site doesn't show the little pistol, so it is made of unobtanium. I think I'll wait till after the first of next year before I get too excited. It's a nice looking pistol, but we'll see what the availability might be. Besides, I have a nice bolt-action on my list as next up to purchase.

EDITOR'S NOTE: PawPaw, this is Remington Arms, not Kel-Tec or some Brazil CopyCo Arms company. I'm betting that Remington will not only build it, but after the SHOT show, they will crank out a lot of them in their new NC factory. I made that bet with a crisp, new $100 bill, down payment at the biggest gun dealer hereabouts. The fact that the dealer even took my C-note reflects the fact that THEY believe Remington will produce the pistol, too....and, I am #1 on their waiting list.

Gerry N.

I'm looking forward to having one. It is too bad it can't be as pretty as a Luger P08, though. Now that is a pistol.

Gerry N.


To me it looks a bit too Buck Rogerish. However, I'll wait & see what kind of reviews it gets before making my final decision.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Merle, the thing that excites me the most isn't the look of the gun, it's the design of the action. The fact that a 20-oz pistol, shooting a high-pressure cartridge, could have such small recoil effects is simply revolutionary. Look up the Gunblast You Tube and watch the pros doing rapid-fire. You will notice that this pocket pistol has less recoil than heavy service pistols in the same caliber, and way less than the pocket Nines now on the market.

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