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January 12, 2014



Thank you, sir, for the tips. All my health care is provided by the VA and this has never come up. When my wife has been seen at other facilities (local hospital and associated clinics) they've never mentioned guns, but I wouldn't expect it to happen, as this is a pretty redneck part of Kalifornistahn. In fact, I know of one former hospital employee (now deceased) who always carried.
At least I can now be prepared if the question is ever asked.


What about just denying any guns exist in your home? I don't see much chance of having enough "witnesses" willing to go against their employers.



The problem with the denial approach is that it could backfire on you retroactively. If the HCA and it's ponderous machinery were to withstand all the challenges and remain law, say, into an 8-year Hillary presidency, all the loopholes in it, including your suggested possibility, would be tightened/toughened up. The easiest way to do that is to simply expand the definition of "Federal Officer (Agent)" to include HCA admin flunkies. A letter from such "Agents" will go out to all HCA participants with the gun question in it, and there would be other matters of HCA "loyalty" in it as well. Failing to accomplish the letter would be a Federal crime similar to the several crimes one commits for tax-form abuse, and lying on it would equal lying to a Federal Officer (Agent), a Federal Crime also. OTOH, there is no present enforcement of the Gun Question, and I believe you are PRESENTLY on adequate legal footing when you simply avoid answering it. Your legal position comes from two places: the wording my article discusses that is mentioned in the HCA, and your belief that such questions violate HIPAA, a previous Federal Act.

Gerry N.

I went through this nearly 30 years ago at a Health Care Facility (Group Health Co-operative) which shall remain unnamed. A doctor asked my six year old son without me or my wife present if "Daddy had any guns in the house." My boy told me about it because he just thought the doctor was interested in guns. Much rage and foul language occured, managers were involved including the COO. Apologies were made, but not accepted. More questions were asked by me, accouts discontinued, refunds requested and eventually made. None of my family have subsequently crossed GHC's nosy doorsteps since. As far as I know this was before the Federal Privacy Laws were enacted for what good they do.

Gerry N.

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