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January 06, 2014



Saints? Who dey? Can dey play dat game in dat Seattle rain?


Oh, and I forgot to mention. It don't matter, because the Seahawks will be out of the playoffs after they meet our Saints on Saturday.


If an athlete's got something to say, he should say it on the field. Show us, or shut up.

Richard Bergerson

My favorite Trailblazer of all time back to day one was/is Rasheed Wallace. I know! 99.9% (or maybe 99.99%) of you disagree, and I'll agree that he wasn't perfect by any means, but he is still my favorite.
First and foremost, the Trailblazers abused him (but did pay him well for the abuse). He was like a "B', maybe "B+" player, capable of an occasional "A" game, and a rare "A+" game. Let's put it in military terms: he was a damn good NCO, but he wasn't officer material. And I think he knew that. The TBs tried to promote him as an officer, but he was an NCO who needed to have an officer with him to make him all he could be. He didn't fit in as an officer, because he wasn't one. Think about it, he fit in a lot better with the Celtics as an 'enlisted" man, even though carrying baggage from his mis-fitted TB days (and all that tech foul history/record). He picked up some of those fouls because he was passionate, and didn't get the benefit of the call because the refs knew he wasn't a sacred officer, even if the TBs didn't see what they didn't want to see.

But best of all, the sucker got slapped and fined for being forced to be "available" to the media, and the dude knows he's just a NCO, not some celebrity. He says "Both teams played well, it was a good game, we were lucky to win" or "Both teams played well, it was a good game, we tried to win, but today they were better."

I like the dude. Yeah, I know - the pot. The throwing a towel at senior statesman Sabonis and all that. Not perfect by any means. But a passionate B (or B+) player who was forced into the wrong slot. And with that outlook, got to give Lynch a similar high-five.

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