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January 22, 2014


Ragin' Dave

I would have set up cones to keep people from driving over the idiots, then I would have locked my doors and gone home for the day. Let them sit there. Let them starve there. Let them sit in their own piss and shit for 24 hours, or even more if I could afford it. 48 hours? No problem, humans can live for three days without water.

They want to be chained to my gas pump? Fine and dandy. They can stay there. If I have any other pumps out of the way, I'd be open for business, pumping gas while the eco-freaks cried and whined. I'd have full service so my customers don't have to listen to the eco-freaks. And I wouldn't let the cops on my property until I was good and ready to let the eco-freaks out of their own trap.


Why do you have to be delicate about cutting off the locks? A judicious snip here or there might just limit the number of such types in the future, as "daddy" couldn't function any more!


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