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March 16, 2014


Gerry N.

Apparently my reading comprehension is going to pot in my decrepitude. I listed favored arms I'll not own again. I still want a Winchester 94 in .25-35, not likely though.


Kind of like the cars that I'll never own.


Gerry N.

Ruger Bearcat .22, bought it for $38.95 in 1964, 4 digit serial number. Lent it to an uncle who pawned it, most likely to get drunk. Ruger standard auto, sold it to pay rent. War trophy Luger P08, bought it from a widow for $40 sold it for $400 three yars later. Colt Detective Special mustered out of the Seattle PD, given to me as a HS graduation gift. It was stolen. Win. M94 saddle ring .25-35 carbine in near new condition. I inherited it from an uncle who died. I had to sell it to make a mortgage payment and buy groceries for new family in '70.

The only one I'd really like to replace is the .25-35. It was nearly a religious experience to shoot it. It came with a factory supplied reloading/bullet casting tool and had never had a jacketed bullet fired through it. What a wonderful little rifle.


Regarding that .44 auto-mag, had a friend who packed one as a Deputy, when it first became available. Told me it had a very salutary effect on hidden gangsters, when racked near the mouth of dead end alleys in East Palo Alto. Had to load his own ammo for it. Very liberal gun regs for that SO, back in the day.

A few years ago, I became friends with the dealer that sold it to him. He told me it was the first one sold in the Bay Area.

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