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March 03, 2014



So far no problems here in Eastern PA.

Merle, Wed, 1240PM

Richard Bergerson

I somewhat (at least semi-intellectually) agree with your assessment EXCEPT for the (f)ugly fact that we are being represented (poorly) by Obummer. You know: the guy that says you can keep your insurance and your doctor, and all those other things that sound good and maybe believable to the clueless, but don't happen. And them times that he is not spewing calf dust, cow manure and BS, he's having his administration puppets spew what sounds politically and socially desirable without any ability to achieve his (their) stated goals.
The U.S. ain't gonna do squat-diddley other than draw imaginary lines in the sand, then back up from them. It kinda reminds me of the Peanuts cartoon where Snoopy was eyeing Linus' blanket, and Linus threatened Snoops. Snoops retires to the top of his doghouse and says: "When I back up, I back up so far that you forget where I used to be." Obummer is a Snoops!
Now your advice on self-preservation procedures is most legitimate (now and in the future), but I really don't think that this lame-duck president with his past record, is really going to pick a fight with Russia at the time we are advocating cutting the hell out of our military. You may legitimately say that he is dumb, so he might do so. I believe it is more like that he likes playing "president", just like a 10 or 12 year-old likes to make mighty statements and threats that he knows that he can't back up.

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