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April 03, 2014



I ordered mine with night-sights.....it's still "pending" delivery. High hopes, though!

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Nevada Slim

This is the first time I have heard of a firing pin problem, however it might explain some of the light strike or failure to fire problems. As for the magazine base plate,
I had one of mine shoot off through my garage. I finally found it in the tray in front of the windshield of my car under the windshield wiper.
In one of my many calls to Remington I suggested a slightly thicker baseplate for easier mag insertion and a sturdier material. Additionally, I suggested a lengthening of the trigger as my finger gets pinched between it and the trigger guard.
BTW, if you ever need to return your gun for service you should be aware that (1) it goes to ParaUSA not Remington since it is manufacturered by them and (2) neither Para or Remington has a customer service available that can tell you the status of your repair. My R51 has been at Para now for more than 3 weeks and I have no idea of when I will have it returned.

Professor Hale

Based on the way you load your mags with two different types of ammo I wonder if a crime scene investigator would be convinced that there were two shooters.


Thanks for the review. This is the first "non glowing" report I have seen - everybody else praised it to high heaven & found NO faults.



Will, the pistol appears to function without the elastomeric spring. It loaded and ejected two no-tap rounds before I discovered the firing pin problem. My clearing drill gave no indication of the displaced spring. Anyway, after I re-installed it, it remained exactly in place thru two mags fired.


"Elastomeric extractor spring"

This gives me the heebee jeebees.

This sort of materiel used as a spring requires very careful design parameters so that it is totally contained during the part(s) movement. This is because it has shape changing abilities that a metal spring doesn't normally have. I suppose it could have been installed incorrectly, but that gets back to that design problem. It might be as simple as a bad rubber part, or a machining error in the slide, or bad extractor dimension.

I would not be using this for social purposes without some intensive research into why it was able to come out of position.

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