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March 07, 2015


fred carter

Thanks for posting this report. It should be on national news but that aint going to happen.


Since the O and his sycophants have run off all the higher ranks that had any balls, the remaining upper and lower ranks are not going to make any decisions that might be construed to be at all questionable.
This tends to be what happens at the start of any war we engage in, as the warrior types leave or get tossed during any significant peacetime. This sort of crap will not get fixed as it would normally, though. The warriors will also look at how this misadministration is treating some of our medal recipients, and figure that there is no good reason to put any real effort into doing a good job at the pointy end.

I suspect that the number of new military applicants is down.

Our whole ME objective is a joke. It's being run by a clown, so it is to be expected. Our whole country is a joke at this point, pretty much.

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