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April 17, 2015



Oooo, bare hands on a cable. I'm not real familiar with sailboats w/stainless braided wire, but experience on land tells me that's of questionable safety. Gloves, or I don't touch. Well, except maybe the control cables on bikes.

A fibreglass mold of her would make a dandy figurehead for a decent sized sailer. Having the real thing inboard would be bonus points!


Your symptoms sound very much like my Dell laptop with Win7. Came with 2gb ram. Showed 1.7 most of the time on task manager. Kept locking up or crashing the browser. Bought a 2gb card at Fry's for around $30 to double the ram. Now, at idle with a couple tabs open, it uses about 2gb or more, and the browser is much happier. CPU usage seems lower now. No problems with a dozen, or more, tabs open.

BTW, Blogger/blogspot tabs are constantly flashing on a regular basis. They seem to be talking to the web, so I try to close them as soon as possible. Doesn't seem to cause problems, but I find it annoying.

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