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October 08, 2015


Stewart Rhodes

I think you are misunderstanding what we are doing in Roseburg. We are simply providing security for some of the funerals, at the direct request of some of the families and the Sheriff, and working with closely with the Sheriff and his deputies. And we are doing so to keep the media and the Westboro Baptist Church freaks away. Again, at the request of the families and the Sheriff. We are NOT trying to stop Obama from visiting Roseburg, and our security teams will not be a the protests today. They will simply be at private funerals.

And, if Obama were to show up at any such private funeral, at the invitation of the family, we would know, through the Sheriff, and we would coordinate with the Secret Service to do whatever makes sense, and what would probably make sense is for the Sheriff and his men to step in and provide local security and for us to step out.

So, the sky is not falling, and we are not going to be in a shoot out with the Secret Service. We do feel sorry for them, though, as they are tasked with guarding an obvious oath breaking traitor.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder and National President of Oath Keepers

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your reply, Stewart. My point was one of caution, since it IS a fact that since the early days of Oath Keepers, your mission appears to have changed from teaching to taking the field. I am a retired police officer, and I am well familiar with the POTUS' Protection Detail, so I issued the warning, in case you might not have been so familiar with their hard-nosed approach to things. See my next blog for an example of this approach, and would you please publicize this horrible action?

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