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November 05, 2015


Jerry the Geek

Dog, I didn't read this early enough to drive to PDX (and not a resident of Multnomah), but I do hope that you will report the outcome of this meeting. I applaud your efforts to provide a little "common sense" into Liberal think-speak in the Metropolis.

Like you, I'm becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of autocratic rulings by non-elected officials who believe they are the sole arbiters of reasonable thought. These people (either elected or otherwise) have lost track of the meaning of the Firsts Amendment, which protects "unpopular speech" in any form .. even and especially if it's only "unpopular" to their own political agenda.

Here's hoping that you hit them right between the eyes with the First Amendment, and threatened legal action if they do not volunteer to reverse their previous unconstitutional ruling.

Do let us know the outcome, and I would be grateful if you would provide a report to my email.

Jerry The Geek


Outstanding! I would like to request the AAR following tonight's board meeting.

It seems this current 'zero tolerance mania' is but a reiteration of the dread same policies of the 80s. Then, the cause was to target select classes (criminals, although it soon became all persons were suspect) yet today the cause is social engineering. Therefore, while the result is basically the same, today is worse for the cause is more dire. The policy is vague because it makes no distinction of neither the wrong side or right side of the social compact in society, thereby treating all as equally harsh. But, as all such policies, it is strictly enforced. Zero policy does not work when administered by gubmint. Contrast that to the realm of the individual. Major, I commend you for standing for your posterity.

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