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November 14, 2015


Windy Wilson

Pollyana's idea of "Jobs for Militants" has to come AFTER the forces of civilization and anti terrorism are seen as the strong horse in the race. Otherwise, why join if it will only get your throat slit when the horse flags after a few turns as it did in Iraq and Afghanistan, and leaves you naked?

Richard Bergerson

I think Polly has a valid point, it is not "us versus them" only. Still, I side mostly with you. When someone attacks me and mine, and I am not impotent and powerless, I don't wait to enlist comrades before responding.

Richard Bergerson

100% right on.


Also, I'm sure millions of Muslims as well as Christians, Buddhists, non-believers, etc. condemn this violence and the largest number of people combatting islamist extremism are, in fact, Muslim. Another reason not to fly a Christian flag over a worldwide movement to destroy the extremists. Another idea: start giving young Muslim males in poor countries and neighborhoods some USEFUL and rewarding things to do with their lives besides go someplace and blow people away.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Polly, this idea of "jobs for militants" is a bit of blue-sky talking points straight out of the DNC playbook. The idea ignores the entire, proven Western concept of WORK ETHIC. To have a civilizing influence, a job must have meaning to the employed. While many of these muslims desire Western civilization's modern trappings, and realize that a decent wage is one way to get them, there are plenty of Jihadis ready to kill them off to make THEIR point that Allah must control everything, and Allah controls through the Qu'ran, so that Western ideas like work ethic are blasphemous.


Islamic militants and jihadists have attacked in non-Christian countries. For example, China. Thailand. Hence a crusader flag to fly over opposition to this movement is inappropriate, if we want to get all victims, actual and potential motivated to act in concert. This is a fight for all free practise of both religion and non-belief against forced belief. And extreme jihadists simply want anyone who is not in their immediate militant cadre to die, anyone in the world, to further the apocalypic end of the world they believe in. Hey, doesn't this sound familiar - such as in the case of the extreme Christian fundamentalists who believe a similiar thing has to occur for THEM to ascend to their idea of heaven? So far, at least, this last group isn't banding together to overrun and destroy the world. So far.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I have not bought into the ISIS blame-game yet. This operation has too many hallmarks of AlQaeda and too few of ISIS'...

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