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November 12, 2015


Richard Bergerson

Times have changed. BUT, back then you were smart and tactical (perhaps some instinct plus rationale), and you are still smart (and more tactical). Today's kids don't have the smarts we had back then, nor the smarts we have learned over time. We knew enough to not spit into the wind, arm-wrestle Superman or argue with a junkyard dog on its side of the fence. But today's kids have been taught and brainwashed into cherishing each and every right, without any respect for the reality that with rights comes equal responsibility.
We pick our battles, youth is idealistic and dumb/ignorant. I daresay that kids today somewhat have their hearts in the right place (to make the world better); but are misguided in thinking that they are more important than what they are, and don't have the experience to know when they are espousing calf-dust, cow manure and bs.
Come on, today's kids were brought up under the mentality that parents were terribly abusive if they told their kids the kids were dumb. The "correct" procedure is to tell one's kids that they are very smart but that they did a dumb thing. And there is some value to that, but calling someone dumb for doing a dumb thing isn't a mortal sin. I mean: rights, rights, rights - we got rights! Responsibility? We don't need no stinking responsibility, we got rights. But your rights don't matter, just your responsibilities. That is what is today, maybe they will grow up.

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