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January 15, 2016


jerry the geek

Dog, I cast my own bullets for .45acp when I first starting in IPSC competition. It was the source of endless contemplative hours of inhaling the sweet succulant scent of lead while I burned my fingers on the hot 3-bullet molds.

Never did get the hang of casting hot enough to keep the bullets from coming out with bubbles. At first I just dropped the rejects back into the pot, be eventually I hit on the idea of saving these less than perfect miniature works of the casters' art and designating them as "practice rounds"

I soon realized that I had hundreds of rounds of "practice ammunition", and very little "Match Ammunition".

Then linotype lead became very rare and hard to find (this was back in the 1980's) and my original source dried up. Too many newspapers were migrating to the new process which didn't require cast lead type.

Finally, I was burgled. The fools stole my entire bullet casting apparatus, and the final five pounds of linotype .. which was actually all rejects which I had recast into ingots.

I never found out who robbed me, but if it hadn't been for the other things they stole (a Lyman bench press and dies) I would have paid them for the service they performed.

There are many reasons why one should take up casting your own bullets. However, if you factor in the time spend mucking about with failed attempts, and the embarrassing number of times you have to remelt, and add a reasonable cost for your own time ... economy of effort was not one of them. Well, not for me.

Hope you have a good time casting bullets. But I have a box of 1,000 9mm 115 grain which you're welcome to! (No, I did NOT cast them!)

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