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January 05, 2016


Ragin' Dave

I'm at the point (and have been at the point) where I think any rifle chambered in 5.56mm is a rip-off. I don't have one, and to be honest I probably won't ever own one. I've fired enough of them in the military to develop my opinion of them, and my opinion isn't very nice.

Now, a Mini-14 chambered in the commie round.....

EDITOR'S NOTE: I had one, the Mini30. Mine was a POS. It had a replaced stock which didn't fit & somehow interfered wiyh the trigger reset, causing the trigger block to occasionally eject itself from the rifle. Also, in a machine rest, it couldn't hold 6 moa. I found out why. It was built for .308 bullets, but the combloc I shot was .311. I had to reload US bullets @ $0.25/rd instead of shooting $0.09/rd combloc. My reloads moved the rifle up to 4moa. Also, my reloads were the wrong pressure, exacerbated the action interference issue. I changed to a spendy aftermarket variable gas block which helped, and bubba'd a clamp to hold the action together (tied down the trigger guard). The rifle was VERY finicky about magazines, would not function with anything but Ruger, which were hard to get 10 years ago. I finally gave up, sold it and got a pair of SKS', one a parts queen. I now have a reliable, if heavy, commie carbine.

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