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January 28, 2016


Richard Bergerson

Goodly, both Rivrdog & J/T/Geek!

jerry the geek

No surprise here. If the protesters were truly hoping for a fatal end-game massacre, they were outfoxed and out-maneuvered by the feds who were determined to avoid a Ruby Ridge or a Waco.

There are lessons to be learned here, by the protesters:

... but most of the lessons have already been learned by the Federal Agents, who cleverly lurked in the side-roads for someone to go out for resupply. And then just quietly arrested them, with little sound and fury.

You mentioned military tactics. These were political tactics, employed by federal agents much more adroitly than by the protesters.

I've never been comfortable with the confrontation techniques used by the protesters (and apparently you were a bit dubious, as well).

But we never want to see another slaughter by federal agents.

This way, the protesters will get their day in court. They may lose (probably will .. it IS a Federal Court) but they get to make their entirely political point.

Both sides win. Whether the effort will result in a change in the legality of such a protest is problematical; probably not. At least the Feds have learned that it is NEVER a viable option to go in with guns blazing.

That leaves room for legitimate protest, assuming that the protesters are willing to face the music after they have opened the dance.

Some of us may not like that the ostensible goal of the protest (whatever that was) may not be met. But after the sun sinks slowly to the west, everybody ends the day without bloodshed.

THAT is one of the better end-games of "Civil Disobedience". Too many people have died after the Feds have shown their "Other Face".

Better to be tried by twelve, than to be buried by six.

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