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January 04, 2016


fred carter

I admire your passion. Having read your posts I fail to see what the final objective is. What do you expect to gain? Is the gain worth death?


I see that I did not directly answer your question. What would I do? I would be very vocal in my support of the militia. I would consign myself to challenging every rumor, suspicion, conjecture, and thoughtless opinion. I would counter the same with factual timeline of events. I would query those opposed to the cause as to why they are opposed. I would press the question. Not to argue emotions but crafted reason. The front line is established. As the argument assumes they are in the wrong, the situation should not be exacerbated by the addition of other front line militia. There is the very important role of behind the scene supporters who are diligent in foisting fact upon the errant media and the willful ignorant (aka, statist). Simultaneously, prepare for the field because if and when it gets bloody we won't be caught unaware. But before then, a show of force (as at Bunkerville, NV) can also avoid the larger evolution of confrontation. The US has had great success in this strategy so why not borrow a page from the playbook?


"The Federal Government has too much power, uses that power in very ugly ways, and needs to be dialed back to a Constitutional level."

"We are already at war with the Feds..."

From your own words.... Therefore, it seems that your objection is the method. Well darn. File this under No Battle Plan Survives Contact With The Enemy. There is a time for talk and a time for action.

To them who criticize what is going on in OR because Bundy, et al, are harming the cause, I say, what have you done which is as effective? Yes, the word is effective because here we are talking about it. The whole nation is talking about it. So, as you imply, what now must be done is to direct those thousands of conversations going on in the media and in D.C. Some may think a militia action like this is doomed and harmful. But knowledge is power and the facts will act to suppress rumor and conjecture. Well, it's supposed to be that way except the media doesn't play along. So be a bug, don't let it drop. Be repetitive and insist upon the facts. In other words, be militant about the truth.

WE are doomed if we continue to lay about as we do not take action until a better plan is presented then proven. What is this about having to decide by committee of when, how, why, where to act? In the meanwhile, no action is taken. Words are not action.

Thank you for this opportunity. I reply only because your thoughts are provocative.

fred carter

I think you are correct. I see no value in occupying a building that is used by the local citizens. I fail to see the objective of the mission. This could be a repeat of the Alamo without the outrage the Alamo created.
Regardless it will be spun by zeros crew against the 2nd ammendment. This is not the hill to die on.
Always good to see your take on the situation.


I concur completely. this is at best a juvenile waste of time and at worst the biggest miscalculation since Chamberlin and his treaty with Hitler. I am afraid the results could be the same.

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