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February 14, 2016


Richard Bergerson

While agreeing with your view of history, general sentiments and last line, I would add the following: "Granted, not reality - but IF I was POTUS, and had the opportunity to already appoint individuals to the Supreme Court, and had ANY integrity, and believed my political philosophy was both best for our nation and endorsed by the majority - I wouldn't appoint a Supreme Court justice but would leave that for my successor."

If I am doing the will of the people, then a Democrat will be elected in my place, and he or she should have the right and obligation, to lead our nation forward, including the judge selection. Should a Republican win, they also should have the right to lead our nation with their choice of a judge (Senate approved). The only reason that I MUST as a lame duck appoint a SC judge is if I accept that my political philosophies are not accepted by the majority and thus I must force my view and will on the majority that happens to reject it.

So what's the harm in waiting? The Supreme Court may be deadlocked in a case or two? So what? They may revisit the issue later after the next appointment, and in the time the lower court's ruling stands. Is that so bad? Are all lower courts ignorant, stupid and dog doo?

If Obama chooses to force the issue and appoint someone unacceptable to many, I hope the Republicans have the integrity to thwart him. If he makes a reasonably tolerable choice, there is only less than half a reason to oppose him. Time will tell what happens.

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