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July 22, 2016



Bear in mind that for any bomb wearing jihadists, you require accuracy, more than power in a handgun. You do NOT want to aim for the torso, if you even suspect they are the suicide bomber/shooter type. Some, maybe most, of the explosives used will detonate with a bullet strike. If shooting with a handgun, even at extended range, you are most likely within the blast radius, and his current targets would also fit there. Don't be that guy.

Headshots become the rule of the day for that sort of scenario. Don't think you can just shoot them in the back, as many, if not most of their explosives loadout circle their bodies. For that matter, many of them carry their spare rifle mags as a chest loadout, so that may stop many handgun shots that don't hit any explosives.


I'm still experimenting with 9mm, 45ACP and 357 mag at longer ranges. I'm torn between magazine capacity and brute power. However, hot weather clothing makes it difficult to conceal a 357 revolver, so that may have to revert to colder weather use.


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