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December 31, 2016


Jeb Texas

Yours is the first rational idea on immigration I have come across that would work. I have little faith in the .gov to actually DO anything, but hope springs eternal.


I wonder how long it will be before the vigilantes ride again?


Inbred Redneck

"His work will amount to another old term, little-used now - sedition. He will work hard enough to undermine the Trump Administration that I feel fairly confident he will cross the line into active sedition."

Some of those on the Left will actually cheer such activity. Others will recognize it for what it is but be afraid to be labeled as "racist" and so remain silent. Hopefully, there will be the courageous few who'll speak up and call the man what he really is, a villain who had almost gotten his way in his attempt to fundamentally transform this nation into one we would no longer recognize.

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