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January 18, 2017


Inbred Redneck

Reminds me of Lawdog's story about cake and gun rights. We're the ones who're always supposed to give up a little bit more as a compromise so we can "get along" with the ones who want to give up nothing. The current weaklings like McRino need to give up, go back home, and let their constituents elect youngsters who have the stomach for this fight. It's bad enough havin' to battle the left and the media.
And yes, I will always respect John McCain for what he did (I know I couldn't have survived what he endured) but he should go spend the rest of his life in peace in the Arizona sun. The Lefties should go spend the rest of their lives in the Arctic Circle, since they seem to think that Glowbull Warmening is makin' all the ice go away up there.

Jeb Texas

Hope is a great thing, maybe the best of things. I hope these things you write about come to pass, but I fear they will not. Still, Trump won, right?


May the rifts increase and grow stronger !!!


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