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April 08, 2017



Sorry to hear about your wife. Stopped coming here as you are rarely here anymore. Always have like your outlook on life and hope you start slinging free ice cream again.


G, we are so sorry to hear about B's accident. Beam checks your blog now & then & informed me today. Hope she has a quick recovery. Tell her we said Hi and she better be ok for a poss Meier & Frank reunion sometime this summer.


Are the docs checking her bone density? A few years ago, I read a report that stated that some percentage of falls involving broken hips had the action backwards. That the fall was due to the hip breaking under stress, which initiated the fall, and not as a result of hitting the floor.

Has she been checked for a concussion? Speaking from experience, this is often overlooked by everyone involved in caring for the obvious damage, including the patient.

In reading on the subject, a scary bit of data turned up. Due to a number of factors, people with concussions are somewhat prone to suffering a second one during the recovery period. The fatality rate runs at least 50% as a consequence of a second one, while in a recovery state, and may approach !00%. The mechanism for this is not understood. I suspect that the variable of 50-100 may be attributable to those who have not been officially diagnosed with that first hit. This might explain those odd deaths of people who get punched in the head, or those who trip and hit their head, and die.

More medical trivia: A study a few years ago, with college age females, found that the trigger for the body to build strong bones was hip joint impacts the equivalent of 6 (IIRC) running or jogging strides/day. Otherwise, the body robs bones of calcium for other purposes.

My wishes/prayers for your wife's uneventful recovery from this incident.


I hope she will make a complete recovery, and as fast as possible.


Inbred Redneck

Sorry to hear about your better half's misfortune. I've noticed that my balance seems okay while on my feet and still feels fine while on the bike. Still, as I'm approachin' 70 I realize that these feats have come to be taken for granted. Hopefully, the first time I take a spill will be while walkin', not holdin' up better'n 500+ pounds of bike with my darlin' fender bunny on the back.
Best wishes to Mrs. Rivrdog for a speedy recovery.

Jerry The Geek

Oh Dear .... that sounds horrible. I'm sorry to hear it. of course, and hope that you are spoiling her during her recuperation.

Another "gun friend" of mine (Hobo Brasser, from Canby) fell down the stairs to his basement man-cave in January and landed on his face. I had lunch with him today, and he looks pretty much okay (I noticed he had grown a beard, which helps with the scars). His wife had suffered the same thing as yours; she fell and broke her hip.

I suspect it's one of those things we learn about ... the hard way ... as we age. I've learned to always use the grab rail on my way to and from my computer room. But then, of course, I trip over the step up from my patio to the dining room. Go figure.

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