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May 25, 2017



1. Looks like an interesting treatise, Will. I will read it.

2. A weak maybe, Merle. If the Tweet-Storm is significant, maybe I will get a response. I indirectly linked the Board of Directors.

3. Didn't need to for purposes of comms with USAA, Rick. They plug in my number ans see that...


Good. This is a good example of being engaged, therefore a reminder to every citizen of their duty. I am wondering why your family's longstanding connection with USAA was not mentioned in the letter. Surely that alone would have caught their attention.


Do you expect a response?



I expect this sort of political side-taking to only get worse as time goes by. Too many of these companies have been converged by the SJW's. Rational thought becomes a very limited commodity in these businesses. They will not be able to understand why there will be a direct connection between their bottom line and this sort of foolishness.

For a very dark look at what appears is happening:


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