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December 08, 2017



dorfer21 I do not intend this as a slight against your person. I consider one daft if they cannot conjure how government agencies, departments, et al engages in over reach, 'mission creep' and so on. Applied to the bill(s) in question, the question becomes, given all prior examples, why should we expect BATFE (spit) not to redefine terms, misinterpret rulings, create new policies, find new classes of prohibited persons?


Hell. Again it is proven- you can teach them, but you CAN"T make them LEARN. I know idiots who simply could not be told how the "Fix NICS" bit was a license for over reach. Now we may have it. All that needs to be done is to regulate upwards so NOBODY is not a Prohibited Person, excepting certain Gubbermint officials, and the militarized police, a number of whom would be excluded from carry by current law with regard to Domestic Violence, were there not exceptions for THEM in that area. Thanks, guys. I feel safer already.


I didn't see that when I read the bill, although I admit that legal text makes my eyes glaze over. Can you point me to the specific section?


I read through the text of the bill and I'm not seeing where it allows the BATFE (spit) to crate new classes of prohibited persons. is it implied? Is it in a bill referenced/ammended by this"? I truly wish to know, please enlighten us (me).

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