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January 05, 2018



Sorry I'm late with this, but we've a couple of things to consider here. Locals keep tellin' me about some study done in Denmark or somewhere over there, showin' that stoners are actually better at drivin'. Turns out, the only such study I found said that stoned drivers were marginally better than drunks. Look in archives of JAMA from about June of '91. Synopsis of article from, I believe Aeronautics & Space Medicine, concerning trials in a flight simulator. Four subjects, all given test of reaction times while sober and straight to establish baseline. Subjects given dope to smoke, then tested again and showed slowed responses. After 24 hours, still measurably affected times, even though 2 of the pilots said they didn't feel they were still under the influence of the THC. Now, the users here tell me that "dispensaries" advise them that they only need to wait 4 hours after usin' "medical" pot, before drivin'. And from what I've seen and heard, the stuff they use now is much more powerful than that from the early 90s, not to mention the weak Mexican stuff I smoked in the 60s.

Ragin' Dave

I've never been a fan of the Libertarian style "Oh, but it's just me doing what I want to do, man!" drug use. Drug use isn't a victimless crime. Someone else will ALWAYS be affected, whether it's the kid who's mommy is too stoned to be a parent, or the taxpayers forced to pay for healthcare on someone who can't stop jabbing dirty needles into their legs and getting MRSA infections that require millions of dollars.

If I could block their actions from affecting me, then they might have an argument. But they can't, and they know it. Been to the Pugetropolis lately? Last time I was there, driving from SeaTac to Ft. Lewis, I saw plenty of people toking on a bong while doing 55 down I-5 on a Thursday evening.

If it affects me, then I should have some say in it, and I say "No, sorry, you don't get to get high all day every day while I put up with the consequences of your actions".


There you go applying common sense & logic again! :)


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