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February 20, 2018



What those Greenie idiots NEVER seem to consider is the unintended consequences of their demands.

Those thin film shopping bags that they outlawed here in CA? Not made from oil, but from natural gas. If it can't be used, it just gets burned at the wellhead. The latest problem in their cities? Homeless crapping all over town, and the resulting diseases? Seems they were actually using the bags, and disposing of their crap in dumpsters/trashcans. No bags now, so they just take a dump wherever, and there it sits, drying out and blowing in the wind.

The new reusable shopping bags? There is reasonable conjecture that people are getting sick, and some dying, due to the overlooked requirement that they be washed after every use.

What the politicians don't tell the voters is that their city's recycling systems have ALWAYS lost money. Those extra bins at the curb? That all costs more than landfilling it. Virtue signaling idiots... Note, that if they were profitable, or just breaking even, those same pols would be crowing to the rooftops about it. What do you hear? Crickets...


Perhaps incinerate trash, and use that process to generate electric power. This is already being done at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, among other places....


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