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March 03, 2019



Personally, I would expect it to be a short war - most liberals don't have the guts for it.



I have an idea that might have some bearing on why cops have gotten so cowardly over the last couple of decades.

In the latter 90's, I talked with a few cops at a gathering of shooters and trainers. They got to bitching about how they had to hide being members of the gun culture to enable getting past the entrance exams of the various police forces when they first applied to become cops. They had been warned, by people they knew on the forces, to try to get around this gate-keeping. They pointed out that most applicants wouldn't know about it, or were already tagged as gun people, and so would never make it onto the forces in populated areas.

This situation arose due to politicians deciding they didn't want their cops to be gun friendly. I'm not sure when this began, but I'm guessing early 90's, during the big push for gun bans and such. Maybe earlier, it didn't occur to me to ask about a timeline.

After the release of the FL school shooting report, Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training remarked that he estimated that probably 95% of the police students that he had trained in Active/Mass Shooting classes since the big CO school shooting in '99 would do the same as the Coward County deputies. Merely show up and perhaps set up a perimeter around the place, but not enter.

Of course having a weapon doesn't instill bravery, but those who deliberately take it up may be more inclined toward that mindset than those who merely have it issued along with the other belt gear they are required to tote around. They should also be a lot more accomplished with their use, especially if they shoot on their own time, are hunters, or competitors.
I've seen this sort of non-action locally. A burglary team hit my friend's house across the street about 11am this year. No car in the drive, as he was running an errand, but his 10yo daughter was home. She called him, he told her to call 911, and then he called me. I was sleeping in due to a bad night, and the phone was not in my bedroom. About a dozen officers turned up and set up a perimeter around his place, but not on it. None entered, even though the girl was talking to dispatch while the BG's were trying to break down the door she was hiding behind. No code 3 by arriving officers, as that would have woken me, and I would have gone in myself. They eventually caught two of the three, after having to call out a dog to find one. The other fell into a pool.
They found their abandoned kitchen knives in the yard.
I'm really pissed that I missed his call, although I realize that the later arriving officers would possibly have constituted the biggest threat to me. Fortunately she wasn't hurt.

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