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July 17, 2019



True enough, but the dem proxies are not all that fearsome.....


TL;DR-There is more to it than guns.
I don’t disagree that people, particularly on the far left end of the spectrum, are pushing the right buttons to start a new civil war. What worries me are the non-military armies. There is an army of voters, being bolstered every day by immigrants who are likely to vote left because they are told anyone not in the DNC will try to send them home where life is much worse. Notice this push for open borders meshes nicely with the attack on the electoral college, moving the country closer and closer to rule by majority.
Even if every politician you didn’t like were tarred and feathered and sent packing, there would be plenty of voters ready to vote in someone just as bad.
There is an army of journalists, continually polarizing the country so that even people who mostly agree with you will think you to be an extremist. Then the army of tax men, bureaucrats, lawyers, and police can chisel away at your life and livelihood without serious repercussions because if you do use force to fight back, in come the swat teams, and everyone will feel justified because “he was an extremist.” As long as it happens slowly, in isolated incidents there is no good way for a militia (the army with guns) to do anything meaningful because turning a home, or a neighborhood into a swat proof fortress only turns out like Waco.
And don’t forget the high tech squadron that polices wrongthink while allowing people to target you with ‘protests’ which can turn into lynch mobs faster than the police can respond. Of course if you do manage to defend yourself successfully from a lynch mob, chances are the army of lawyers will put you out of action for several years to come.
There are a lot of ways that a civil war can be fought. Think, act, and prep accordingly.

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