I read a semi-viral article which reports that the Left is taking up shooting guns to prepare for war with the Right.

This doesn't bother me. First, I'm okay with it because the 2A says that's what the R2KBA is for: to prepare for war with the Government (I and the article's author both presume they are only making war preps because of Trump in office). There's another reason I'm for it though, and this reason should scare the HELL out of the leaders of the Left: If/When the Left shoots first, the Civil War to follow will show the Socialist movement no mercy at all. The article gets it wrong here: the author claims a DEFENSIVE use of guns is what motivates the left.

So, mox nix to me: when the Left shoots first, they die in the millions, then they will only have themselves to blame for it.

When History looks at a war, the History Book opens to the event during which that war started. For example, History notes that WW1 started in Sarajevo, Bosnia when a Socialist assassinated the Grand Duke of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The fact that the entire rest of Europe was already prepared for war and was just waiting for some sort of excuse to start that fight has become just a footnote.

I have favored this scenario of the start of Civil War Two for some time. The Right will win that war, then restore ALL the original meaning of the Founders' plans for this Nation. As the Nation resumes more normalcy after Civil War Two, it will do so without any traces of collectivism-leadership in the government of the Second Republic.

Yep, the Left WILL start Civil War Two, then lose it quickly, after which the Left ceases to exist in this nation.