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Well, my Youper friend, have you ever seen a "snail drum" magazine for a 1911? 32 rounds, IIRC. Gawd, I wish I had one to use in my Camp 45, it would turn that excellent blowback carbine into a real area-fire weapon, but they are rare as hound's teeth, and when one DOES come up for auction, they run in the hundreds to win one.

I have a "stick" 15-round mag, 2 in fact, but they are very long for just a 15-rounder, and they are NOT reliable, either, the sheet metal they are formed out of was never meant to have longitudinal strength in that long of a folding. Maybe they could be made rigid by soldering hacksaw blades onto them, so somesuch Bubba thing, but they just aren't worth it to me.

Winchester Self Loading rifle. Model 1907

Was it the P-14/M1917 Enfield battle rifle?

I would have to posit the 45 that was used in the 1911 pistol as well as the tommy gun. It might have been in a few more. 9mm could also be part but I don't think it was big in the US side of the equation.

Got to think it was JMB's M1911 (though I have no idea it was ever motified into an LMG).

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