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Back in the day, I used to swage half jacket pistol bullets, but gave it up because it is just flat out too much work, my bench had to be lagged to the wall and floor. In order to swage without pulling a muscle or tearing a tendon, I made a cheater handle. Not only that, but the pure lead bullets exposed above the half jackets leaded any sidearm I shot 'em in so badly it made the Baby Jesus cry. Casting is far superior as a home bullet manufacturing process.

Lead is very hard to swage, copper is near impossible without heavy industrial equipment.

As for real copper pennies, if you have enough of 'em they might be worth more as scrap than face value, then convert the overage into gas checks the easy way, by purchase.

There is a fellow making gas check dies for beer and pop can metal GC's. Check www.castboolit.com for details, they seem to work just fine. He sells exclusively on E-prey.

Good luck

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