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I had very good results with 200gr XTPs over 6.5gr of Unique.
Haven't clocked it yet, maybe Monday.

Back in '96, a friend and I bought a couple cases of Fiocchi 230gr for a 4 day class, because it was the best price on factory ammo we could find. Wasn't till we got to school that we discovered that was a fairly STOUT load. Label stated around 925-950 fps from a 5" barrel, IIRC. My buddy's gun tossed the front sight during class, so I shot part of the class with my LtWt Officers Model, while he used my Steel frame. Accurate stuff, and thumped steel plates impressively, from a 3.5" auto.
No idea how accurate the label stats were, but it was much hotter than standard ball.

Blasphemy excused. Now I know what to carry after all of you blessed get raptured and we heathens are left behind...

God's Own Cartridge only needs 4.6 grains of Bullseye and a 230 grain round nosed bullet. Anything else is superfluous. If you need something stronger, bring a rifle.

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