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Rivrdog is 90% correct. It is a Model 1854 12mm pin fire revolver. But, I believe it is a later second or third generation of that weapon. More along the lines of the 11 to 12 thousand (Serial #s 25,000 - 37,00) that the North (US) shipped in to supplement the Colts, Remingtons and LeMats. The first generation of this weapon was, I believe, designed and patented Nov. 4, 1854. The major difference was first generation had an octagonal barrel and a different front sight. I just happen to have a First Generation with a Serial # about 2,000 below those that were used by the North. Ya'll have a good day. Skip

OK, time for another hint. The ammo this time. It is a 10-bore, 3 1/2", shooting 2 oz of lead...

The long gun, OK, I've exhausted my many years of detective experience and I concede! You've "stumped the chump"! I'll wait with anticipation for the answer, but this better not be a trick question... I know where you live and where the Tolly's parked (LOL)! Good one, Dog... keep up the good work!

OK, that's a decent guess on the SxS, Chaplain, but no cigar for you!

Points of comparison: handmade, yes; underlock similarity, yes.

engraving: not similar. The Zeller, an example here:


is much more ornate.

So, you rate 2 hints:

The SxS I showed weighs 15#, and is of a larger bore than 12-ga.

Keep guessing....

The long gun, now that's a tough one. Let's try a J. Zeller SXS 12ga. Shotgun circa late 1800's ?

OK, you got the first one, which was easy. Of course, I could ask if it was a licensed Belgian Lefaucheaux or an actual factory French one...

The Chaplain knows his pinfires!

Now, about that hammer-double....


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