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Thanks for this really awesome. I know exactly what you mean when you consider the dollars involved in shooting. I always shop at a wholesale store for some cheap ammo. It's better than getting my ammo at a big chain store.

BTW, thought I would mention a mod to the rubber grips. It looks like Charter is still using the same grips on the Bull and Pit. The backstrap area tapers to a too narrow radius surface area. I have carved them in toward the frame to get a wider flat surface, which I find is easier on the hand. There is enough rubber there that you can change the profile a bit to better fit your hand if needed.

I also cut the third finger area off below the frame, leaving enough rubber to cover it. Makes it much easier to conceal it.

One problem is the rubber is tacky enough to have shirts stick, instead of sliding down to keep from printing. Still looking for a fix for that.

Not the best choice of names for a defensive gun. As Ayoob points out, names can matter in court. I know, it is a natural choice after looking at the Bulldog, but Pitbull has a really bad media image.

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