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Man i love kel tecs unique designs and weapons. They gave a very innovative design team but thus problem with growing is ridiculous. My father was a founding partner in motorcycle parts company. The CEO was an excellent designer but is complete and utter shit at conducting business. For over a decade he would shit on good contacts and expansion which my father brought in. He wouldn't share any of the decision making and continuously hindered growth. So after about 18 years of thus my father said he's tired of building a company when one of his partners is intentionally sabotaging it. Sooo the CEO fucking fired his ass and the other partner, bankrupted the company and wrapped all of the assets into his personal account. He ran through those millions my father built up for him and now is asking my dad to come back and build it again. My dad said sure under the condition that there is a voting structure with the partners so he doesn't have complete autonomy and also a retainer to move back. He said no across the board. This just shows how people can fuck up their own success. You could literally have the cure for cancer and if you don't know how to sell it or manage the God damned company it means exactly fuck all. Kel tec could easily get a bridge loan or capital investment fromhundreds of sources to expand rapidly to meet the demand and continue new product designs. I have no idea what is happening with management but they are literally bleeding out actual revenue that's right there for the taking. Most companies would kill to be in that position. I still love my kel tecs and really want the pmr and ksg but i refuse to pay the inflated opportunistic prices dealers and private Sellers are taking advantage of. Just like what's happening now with Obama trying to steal some more inalienable rights manufacturers are hiking up prices for no reason whatsoever. Material and resources are booty scarce, production of these weapons haven't changed at all. Just the perceived scare which makes useless minded consumers who have been raised to buy whatever they're told to do fucking up out market. Yes our market of actual shooters are bring punished by the same soccer mom who thinks we are some threat while by far she's the most dangerous person with a weapon. Kel tec i want a pmr 30 sometime within the next 5 yrs please! Don't make me beak down and buy the fn, cause i want thus type of pistol with common ammo not that absurdly priced 5.7 can't find anywhere in thus country shit.

Well it's been over a year and they still have the same issue.

The fact that I have to wait 9 month for a gun I purchse is freakin ridiculous to say the least.

Bottom line is any business is in business to sell a service or product and do so at a price which covers all expenses by at least 15%. When a company receives overflow correspondence of demand for their product and it continues year after year, HELLO! People will grow tired of "i'm here to offer a video on the new such and such". BS, have the bowel movement or get off the pot, produce the damn arms that people are on waiting lists to purchase.

The real question becomes: why haven't they expanded to meet the demand? Can't afford more space, or can't afford more help? Or is it a lack of quality people in the area?

Now, I realize one of the most common reasons for a business failure is to grow too fast, leading to a cash flow problem that kills it.

The second is related to the first, and that is a lack of management expertise. Entrepreneurs and inventive types quite often have very poor understandings of business practices. They also tend to hate giving up any control of their baby to "outsiders", and this is probably the biggest stumbling block to proper growth. Being able to step back and let others take over the day-to-day running of the business, and concentrating on your area of expertise, is critical. Most can't do it.

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